How to Increase Your Family's Physical Fitness

Healthy ideas for kids and adults to get fit together.

By Lucy M. Casale, Contributing Writer

As a parent, you are the best role model for your child. Kids often mimic what they see. And they’re fast learners. If you are  active, you’ll inspire your kids to do the same.

Kids who get regular physical activity have better cardiovascular fitness and stronger bones and muscles. They have less body fat. They may even have fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression. Active kids are more likely to become healthy adults.

Encourage activity
Studies show that kids who feel supported by their families to become active are more likely to get active.

Make time for activity.

Limit screen time.

Introduce your kids to variety.

Make it a family affair
Get active with your kids! 

Before starting or increasing regular physical activity, talk with your doctor about the right levels for your family, especially if you or a child have any medical condition or are physically inactive.