Some Foods That May Trigger Migraines

Learn the types of foods and drinks that are common migraine triggers.

By Emily A. King, Contributing Writer

If you have migraines, you know the throbbing, debilitating pain they cause. But do you know what triggers them?

There are many possible migraine triggers. Some  typical triggers may include stress, weather changes, bright light, secondhand smoke and missed meals, to name a few. The research around the role of diet and migraines is not well supported. However, some people may find they are sensitive to certain foods.

The following foods and drinks — or their ingredients — may trigger migraines in some people: 

Skipping meals or having low blood sugar can also trigger migraines. Eat regular meals with a focus on fresh foods.

Finding your triggers
A headache journal can help you identify what triggers your migraines. Every time you have a headache, write down:

If you suspect food is a trigger or you might be sensitive to that food, keeping a daily diet journal is another option to pinpoint migraine triggers. List everything you consume and how much. Be sure to note when you have migraines and their duration and intensity.

Share your journals with your doctor. Your treatment options may depend on patterns revealed in your journals. If a food or drink appears to be a trigger, your doctor may suggest you eliminate it from your diet.