Tips for Planning a Healthy Football Party Menu

With a little planning and food substitutions, you can enjoy the big game with chili, chips, dips and desserts but without the fat and calories.

By Jane Schwartz Harrison, RD, Contributing Writer

It's game day. While hard-core fans will focus on the action, everyone looks forward to the food, too. Think of football party staples like meaty chili, potato skins, chips and ranch dips.

But you don't have to resort to this high-fat, high-calorie, high-salt fare. With a little creativity, you can cook up nutritious, low-calorie snacks, without having to sacrifice taste! Be creative to find ways to decrease the fat and salt content of any favorite recipes. Your guests won’t taste the difference and their bodies will thank you for it.

Tips for snacks and appetizers

Tips for main dishes

Tips for dessert

Keep it healthy — and safe

When cooking for your family or friends, remember these terms: clean, separate, cook and chill to serve healthy and safe food.

Greg Breining contributed to this report.